In a career that spreads across two continents, Tyrone Geter has built an international reputation as a world-class artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator and teacher. Presently an Associate Professor of Art at Benedict College in Columbia, SC, Geter grew up in Anniston, Alabama, a site of numerous acts of racial violence during the Civil Rights Era which informs and shapes his work.

Geter received his Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University in 1978. An exceptional draftsman, his portraits are sensitive, timeless and masterfully executed. Their power, displayed through their expression, gesture and adornments, seem often suspended in an other-worldly environment. Equal to the history his figures embody, they also speak of a spiritual world overflowing with compassions and empathy. In this regard his work is uniquely distinctive.

In 1979, Tyrone Geter relocated to Zaria, Nigeria, a move that proved to be a turning point in his development and growth as an artist. For seven years he lived, drew and painted among the Fulani and local peoples of Northern Nigeria.

He returned to the United States in 1987 with a teaching position at the University of Akron. He is the recent recipient of the Yaddo Residency in Saratoga Springs, NY. His work has been exhibited at the Denton Art Center in Denton, TX; the Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC; Florence Museum of Art, Florence, SC; WaterFront Gallery, Charleston, SC; Center for Afro-American Artists, Boston, MA; Butler Institute for American Art, Youngstown, OH; Hampton Institute 909 College Museum, Hampton, VA; Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA, to name a few. His honors include first place, Moja Arts Festival, Charleston, SC; first place Robert Duncanson Award from Taft Museum, Cincinnati, OH; artist fellowship grant from Foundation for the Arts and Humanities, Boston, MA; and grant from Columbus, Ohio Arts Council.

For additional art by Tyrone, contact Heather Carter.

TITLE: “Sting Like a Bee”
MEDIUM: Charcoal, torn paper
SIZE: 60" x 40"
YEAR: 2015
TITLE: “Duality”
MEDIUM: Charcoal, white chalk on 100% stonehenge rag paper
SIZE: 26" x 22"
YEAR: 2019
TITLE: “Wolfing”
MEDIUM: Pastels on black paper
SIZE: 24" x 28" framed
YEAR: 2008
TITLE: “Sweep Away: Where Are All the Girls”
MEDIUM: Charcoal and torn paper
SIZE: 40" x 60" framed
YEAR: 2019
TITLE: "Swinging from the Gates of Heaven”
MEDIUM: Oil on board
SIZE: 30" x 54" framed
YEAR: 2014


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